E-textbooks have been on my mind for a while.  I was pleased to discover that Brian Simboli, science librarian at Lehigh University, has written an excellent blog entry on e-textbooks.  Brian describes the various models of delivering e-textbooks and links to reports and studies relevant to the topic.


 The Internet Archive offers an advanced search feature that allows you to limit your search for digitized texts by many factors.


A subject search on physics in open library finds 7,237 digitized books.  They are listed by subject matter, for example:  solid state physics, cloud physics, physics in fiction, plasma physics.


The e-books directory offers quite a few books in the sciences.


This is not a complete list, by any means.  No, I have not investigated each title.  My purpose is to bring to your attention some sources for electronic books.  My hope is that some of you will find some of  them useful.  One word of caution.  It can be a little frustrating searching these collections.  Not all of the items digitized are available for free in their entirety. At the very least, one has access to a complete citation and an abstract.