The ability to evaluate information is a critical skill to have.  There are several helpful web sites out there.

 Kathy Scrock’s web page “Brush Up on Internet Skills”  offers four lesson plans, including one on evalatuation. is an educational resource for high school teachers and students. It’s  designed to help students learn to cut through the fog of misinformation and deception that surrounds the many messages they’re bombarded with every day. Our site is a sister to the award-winning Annenberg Political Fact Check, which goes by the Internet address and monitors the factual accuracy of what is said in the nation’s political arena.

Both websites are projects of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, with funding for provided by a grant from the Flora Family Foundation.

QUICK, The Quality Information Checklist.

The Internet Detective:  Wise up to the Web is an excellent tutorial.