There are some freely available newsletters that are very rich resources.  Today I want to introduce you to (or remind you about) the Teachers Clearinghouse for Science and Society Education Newsletter.  The editor of this newsletter, Dr. John L. Roeder, teaches at the Calhoun School in NY City.  Dr. Roeder is a recipient of the Excellence in Pre-College Physics Teaching Award from the American Association of Physics Teachers. He is very active in the field of education.  Dr. Roeder generously summarizes conferences that he attends. He also provides annotated bibliographies in the newsletter feature “Recommended Science and society Educational Resources”.  If you are looking for good resources for teaching about societal issues, I suggest looking at that feature as well as “Reviews of Science and Society Educational Resouces.”

The newsletter is freely available on the web, or one can subscribe to the hard copy for a very modest fee.