My grandchldren and I have been enjoying the cool math games web site (see previous post).  My grandchildren call the Number Twins game the “bubble game”.  There is something very satisfying about popping all the bubbles.

 If you are looking for some games/activities to reinforce physics concepts, here are a few sites to explore.

Physics crossword puzzles are brought to you coutesy of Tony Mangiacapne of St. Mary’s High School, Manhasset, NY. The site also has pod casts, videos and much more.

Physics Games Net  offers a game called Shrink It.  The object of the game is to move an octagonal object past barriers by either growing or shrinking them.  I enjoyed it because it made me think. This site has commercial sponsors, so one must view short ads before playing.

The Leon Letteman Education Center at Fermi Lab offers a selection of games including word search and crossword. also offers a variety of games.

Barbara J. Feldman, a syndacated newspaper columnist, offers Surfing the Net with Kids. She includes science games on her web page.

The Space Weather Center offers Magneto Mini Golf.