Recently, I have been exploring the use of social software to support teaching.  One example of this is the prettygoodphysics wiki. The wiki is maintained by Paul Lulai.  In correspondence with me, Paul said:  “Please invite as many others as possible to use the site.  I’d like to make sure it is known that while I help maintain the site, the contents are really created and uploaded by other members.  We started the site as a way to share ap physics materials.  Most (not all) of the site’s visitors, members and folks sharing files are ap physics teachers.  Many of the files are appropriate for a wide variety of high school physics or college freshman physics courses.”

Many times I have had teachers comment, “I wish I had easy access to graphics like circuits.  If I didn’t have to draw them each time, my life would be easier!” 

prettygoodphysics has a collection of graphics  (PGP clipart in the left hand column).  Check it out.