This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting with biology teachers who were on the Cornell campus for a Cornell Institute of Biology Teachers (CIBT) event. I share with you here that handout that I gave the attendees.

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers

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Awesome Clipart for Educators

Connotea is a free service from The Nature Publishing Group. It allows one to created a virtual filling cabinet that is easily shared with others. One can sort on any of the “tags” or keywords on the left side of the screen. I have collected these materials in response to real questions from science teachers.

Pat’s Connotea Collection K-12 Lesson Plans

Pat’s Connotea Collection Careers in Science

Tapped In is a free Web-based learning environment created by SRI
International to transform teacher professional development (TPD) for
professional development providers and educators. Tapped In enables
providers to offer high-quality online professional development
experiences and support to more teachers cost-effectively. Through
Tapped In, educators can extend their professional growth beyond courses
or workshops with the online tools, resources, colleagues, and support
they need to implement effective, classroom-centered learning activities.
The Science Resources K-12 group is a goldmine of information.
You can set up a time for a volunteer to give you a tour of the system.

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