When I am faced with a need for information, my first instinct is to search the literature. If someone has written a good review of a topic, why re-invent the wheel? Access to various indexes varies from one institution to another. I am pleased to tell you about a service from the folks at the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) that allows one to search across several of the journals for science education at once. The Science Education Search covers Science Education journals such as American Journal of Physics, The Physics Teacher, Physics Education, and Astronomy Education Review. For example, a search on solar wind retrieved 24 citations. The find review articles feature allows one to limit a search to review articles in science education journals.

Another free source of science education materials is science.gov.  One can search across all 12 sources, or limit a seach to a specific source, such as  science education.  Some of the materials found will be full-text, for example the ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) materials.