comPADRE is the physics portion of the National Science Digital Library. It has a wealth of information for faculty at all levels and for students. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with this valuable resource. The description below comes from Dr. Bruce Mason, Principle Investigator for the project.

Browsing the ComPADRE Collections:

Go to Collections are listed by the intended audience: student, teacher, researcher, etc.

Physical Sciences Resource Center-
Comprehensive collection of resources from all topics

Physics Front- http://
Support for pre-college teachers, especially new physics teachers, at the High School level and younger

The Nucleus-
Supporting undergraduate physics students

Quantum Exchange- Resources to enhance quantum physics courses

Astronomy Center-
Resources and references for intro astronomy instructors

Physics to Go-
An online magazine of physics and astronomy for the public

PER Central-
Resources and community tools for PER researchers and physics teachers interested in PER results

Physics Teacher Education Coalition web site and resources

Open Source Physics- Simulations and curriculum for upper level physics courses.

Under development:

Advanced Laboratories- Tips & techniques, manuals, and equipment for the upper division laboratory experience.

Computers and Computation in Physics Education- Computational physics and the integration of computation into the physics curriculum.

Introductory Undergraduate Physics- Tools and and curriculum for introductory physics, from calculus-based courses to “physics for poets”.

Relativity- Recommended materials for courses in relativity.