The Perimeter Institute for Theorectical Physics offers curriculum called “The Mystery of Dark Matter.” It has been reviewed by a high school physics teacher who says: ” The
activities are very good and the information supporting the labs is thorough. Materials are well fit for an upper high school physics class (i.e. AP, Honors, or better Regents students.).”

The Mystery of Dark Matter

 Science House, at the University of North Carolina, offers suggestions for high school astronomy curriculum.

Astronomy Curriclum

The Center for Astronomy Education at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, offers some ideas.

Center for Astronomy Education

 The Cool Cosmos at the California Institute of Technology also offers some materials.

Cool Cosmos

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific also offers materials for educators.

Educational Resources

The Sky View Cafe offers and interactive planetarium

Sky View Cafe

Here is the link for Cosmos magazine materials.

Cosmos Magazine

The NSDL (National Science Digital Library) strand maps often have lesson plans attached.

NSDL strand map

F.R.E.E. (free resources for educational excellence)